“ServiceCraft” – First Look

I’m currently working on three different games, “Jack Walsh”, “Robina’s Rescue” and “Service Craft”. The last one is the one I’m giving the most attention at the moment, since it’s the one I’m most likely to be able to work through on my own – Robina’s Rescue is a relatively big game for only one person to create (which means I’ll be looking to put together a team of people for it – check the game design document page for a detailed description of the game).

Service Craft is in the starting phase, as all of these games, but it’s progressing nicely. I’m creating all game objects in Blender, alle textures in GiMP, and putting it all together in Unreal Development Kit. I use ConTEXT for writing the UnrealScript. I’m trying to use a combination of FlashDevelop and Vectorian Giotto to create the title menu and hud etc., but it seems like I really need Adobe Flash to get all the right tools I need, which is a shame since it’s really too expensive, hehe 🙂

I’ll start writing the game design document soon – if I’m not too focused on just creating the game itself. There will surely pop up a couple of videos in a while, but until that time, here’s a few pictures showing the ServiceCraft itself and the status quo feel of the game, which is cartoony-sci-fi:





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