Why “ServiceCraft”?

This game is taking place in a future where humanity have hundreds of stations floating around space. These space stations exists for different reasons, some are military, some are civilian (for example stations where people can take a vacation in space), some are a mix, and so on. They all have automatic security bots taking care of the safety. However, sometimes problems occur and everything gets f*cked up. When that happens all the people staying on the station are removed and they send in a so-called “serviceCraft”, which is an intelligent bot-droid-thingy looking like a micro-spaceship that enters the damaged spacestation and re-initiates the systems and fixes the problems so the people again can get onboard and do their thing. For example, in the first level I’m working on there are going to be rabid virus-infected security bots running around, and the station’s electricity systems must be reactivated etc. The entire game, therefore, is the player taking control of the ServiceCraft-bot-droid-thingy as it goes about doing it’s missions on different space stations where problems have occured that needs to be fixed in different ways.



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