“Read an eBook Week” @ Smashwords

I just found out there’s something called “Read an eBook Week” over at Smashwords which is one of the sites I publish my ebooks. This is a yearly thing where authors make their books cheaper (or completely free) to encourage people to read or whatever. So for fun I thought I’d join and make the few stories I’ve got up free until April is over.

Currently I only have four ebooks up, of which two already are free, but for the two remaining ones these are the coupon codes you’ll plot in to override the price to get them:

“Fresh Human” – coupon code ” JQ42A ”

A Report on Humanity by an Alien – coupon code ” UZ22M ”

The ebooks live here: https://www.smashwords.com/profile/view/3xist3nce

Enjoy 🙂


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