The Student and The Master – Nonsense

“What’s the meaning of it all?” the student said, and waited.

The master didn’t move a muscle.

“I mean, if it all just ends up being nothing,” the student continued, “then the whole enlightenment game is nonsense. Hell, any game is nonsense.” He paused, then said: “Even this human thing is completely nonsense ..”

The master just sat there.

“Yet, even if it’s nonsense, we’re still doing it, being it, whatever. We’re obviously experiencing being a human even if it’s fundamentally nonsense, since .. uh .. since it’s not needed, but we still can .. or something like that.” The student let out a long breath, looking older than the old man sitting in front of him.

The master broke eye contact and picked up a pack of cigarettes. He popped out one, put it between his lips and then reestablished eye contact while offering the student a cigarette.

The student ignored it and said: “You smoke?”

“Sure,” said the master. He put the pack back down and found a lighter in a pocket. He lit the cigarette and inhaled smoke like it was good for him.

The student looked at the master with disbelief written all over his face.

The master smoked and smiled.

“I didn’t think someone as realized as you smoked,” the student finally said.

“Realized?” The Master laughed. “What have I realized?”

“Uh .. ” The student scratched his neck and said: “Well, maybe the perfectness of Life or something equal to that?” A silly smile grew on his mouth.

“Sounds awesome,” said the master and laughed. “As you said, it’s all nonsense. All games are nonsense. In Truth there’s only one game going on, and yes, it is perfect, but it’s also non-sense.” The master took another sip of the dirty air. “Seeing This means being freed from all games, and then you’re just you, whatever that is. You don’t know anything, and you don’t care. You’re you, doing what you do. That’s it. The rest is an enjoyable non-sense story-game-masquerade-experience-thingy.”

Upon hearing this the student was instantly enlightened.

They then smoked in peace.





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