$10 discount on printed books from Blurb

Hola peeps’n’poops!

If you happen to be interested in awareness, consciousness, Truth, Existence, enlightenment, Life – whatever you wanna call “This” that is All That Is, you might like the three books I’ve published on Blurb (“Life is Freedom – Pointers to Enlightenment“, “When the Void Awakens“, and “Musings of the Living Space“). Surely, they don’t contain TRUTH – since “truth” cannot ever be contained within any thing, but they nevertheless try to point toward it, and enjoy doing it. Blurb has a nice little sale ending the last day of March. You’ll get $10 off of any order, which is a nice deal if you’re into reading and stuff.

You can click the images to preview the books:





life is freedom-physical version

(Also, you can get this one as an ebook for free, right HERE)

Here’s my book page:



At last, in order to activate the discount simply plot in ” SHARE10 ” on the spot for promo and gift codes while paying, like shown in this image:




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