Acetylcholine – Alternations of Mind (Full Album)

It’s five years (and even more than that for some of the tracks) since I created this album, which is a mix of electronica, psytrance, goatrance, experimental and even some drum and bass. Even though I throughout the years have put out a few of the tracks on different music sites, like soundclick, uhørt etc., I have never put out the album in its entirety. Until now.

Here it is for those who might like that kind of music:

Acetylcholine – “Alternations of Mind” – Tracklisting:

(00:00)     1 – Jungle Haze
(09:18)      2 – Exodus
(20:13)      3 – Firing Neurons
(29:22)     4 – Mechanical Greens
(37:55)      5 – Leave Your Dying Body Behind
(44:05)     6 – Galaxy Potentially Lost
(56:38)     7 – Alien Infection, Acid Injection
(1:02:53) 8 – The Descent


The music is created in FL Studio. If you’re in the process of buying a music production system, then FL Studio is awesome – especially if you’re new to creating music on a computer. The cheapest package isn’t more than $99, and if you use my affiliate link (or this discount code at checkout: BECCEDE475) you’ll even get an extra discount on the software. Here’s the link to the site:

fl studio_wallpapers_usefruityloops.blogspot.com_


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