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“Revitalize Now!” – A Game Concept Idea

«Revitalize Now!»

General and historical background:

In the galaxy «Peeziuz», which is surprisingly close to our own, yet still remains hidden, a radical shift happened 300 years ago. But, let us first take a look at what used to be the case prior to this so-called «shift».

Peeziuz was a perfectly balanced and beautiful galaxy, consisting of 13 planets and 2 suns (of which we will take a closer, more specified look a bit later). There were beings, in some aspects not too different from humanity, living on each one of these planets. These were peaceful, harmonious and blissful beings all interacting as brothers and sisters with the beings on the adjacent planets and amongst themselves.. Even though their cultures varied radically from each other, they all had managed to convert their earlier non-efficient ways of getting the materials and energy to create and maintain their cities into a harmonic way of interacting with their planet rather than simply killing it slowly like cancer (like humanity currently are exploiting their blue pearl). These different civilizations had also learned to interact together with everyone in the entire galaxy in the most optimized way for all parts involved – which surely also means that concepts such as «hate» and «war» was no longer even a part of their mental conceptual realities. And so their economic system was not any longer driven by money and the like, but simply sharing with whomever they met if they needed something. Seen from our current human perspective, this was the perfect utopia.

Now you might wonder how they managed such a thing as not exploiting their planets for resources while still being able to get all the resources they needed? Well, obviously, some of these facts must be held secret as to not disrupt the free will of those of the human race reading these lines, but we will explore some of the most significant factors in this accomplishment. For this we must look at the multidimensional planetary dynamics of the universe:

Every planet has, among others, a non-physical component that is a sort of energybank known as The Energy-Grid (check Fig.1) amongst the inhabitants of Peeziuz. The Energy-Grid is where all the energy to support life on the planet is stored. This is a system of pure balance between what the different forms of life living on the planet utilizes, and what they, in a sense, «give back» to the planet. If they, like humanity, take and take and take without giving anything back, then the planet will deteriorate and slowly start the process of devolving and, finally, dying. There is a multitude of ways a living thing on the planet can give back energy to it. One example would be a simple plant/tree, which is nurtured by the earth and gives back by producing oxygen that every living thing needs to exist on the planet. Another example would be a being of some sort taking time off to use focused intent in order to, in a way, «send» energy stored in itself back to the energybank of the planet – humans could understand this concept by thinking about meditation and the fact that the meditator sort of «sends» peace and tranquility to everyone around him/her, even if the ones receiving it not necessarily recognizes the receiving of anything «tangible». As a last example it would be for the beings living on the planet to simply create machinery and structures of the like that use the energy of the natural forces of the planet itself, for example like windmills, rotary devices placed on top of the seas to create electricity through the motion of waves, solar panels, and so on. In other words, the beings in Peeziuz understood the interconnectedness of everything in the galaxy, and, after a couple of millennia, understood how the physical elements of Life was directly connected to (and even directed by) the non-physical elements. This can be understood by the idea of a non-physical life-force existing within each and every thing in Existence as a whole. If the life-force is removed, the things disappears.

So, by changing how they interacted with their planets and each other, they were able to develope a perfectly balanced ecosystem grounded in the understanding of the Energy-Grid’s functionality.


Fig.1 – Illustration of a planet’s Energy-Grid, also showing the main storage «chambers» in red

Now that we’ve had a look at the most important multidimensional planetary dynamics, we can get back to the story of what happened in the «shift» 300 years ago.

A group of interdimensional Service-to-Self (meaning they only care for themselves and none other) entities, called «Egorgs», entered Peeziuz through portals suddenly opening all over the galaxy. These were relatively highly developed and advanced beings being able to extract the energy of any planet’s Energy-Grid, almost like a vampire lives off of the blood of humans and animals. And as with vampires, when the Egorgs spread all over Peeziuz and began sucking out the energy of the whole galaxy, it emptied nearly all the stored energy, leaving only the bare minimum for the planets and living things there to not die completely.

The poor inhabitants of Peeziuz had lived in peace and harmony for so long that they had forgotten that evil, self-serving beings even existed. They were in no way prepared for what happened. In a couple of weeks the entire galaxy was exploited and near death, and noone could defend against the powerful Egorgs.

The Egorgs settled on The Double-Eye, which is the two suns of Peeziuz, where they live to this day, while continiously extracting energy from the entire solar system, keeping a stranglehold on the planets and the little life left on/in them. One «Master» Egorg settled on each planet to make sure noone living there were capable of regaining the power they once had.

It all seemed impossible to get out of, until ..

Present Day:

The Universe is One, and so this kind of unjustice is not tolerated by The Source to continue for all eternity. The time is now, and Peeziuz is about to face another shift – for the better.

Three mighty, loving Service-to-Other entities has taken on the mission to free Peeziuz from the Egorgs and restore the once so beautiful galaxy. These entities, only known as «Higher» functions the same way as the Egorgs, only reversed. So when Higher gives energy to others, they receive even more, because they exist in the knowing of everything being One. Everything being One means what you give to others, you in truth give to yourself. And so Higher entered the galaxy Peeziuz with the mission to use themselves as a representation of the Ultimate Principle («The Source») to give Peeziuz back to its rightful and indigenous owners.

This is where the player comes in. The player has control of one of the three Higher. The player must visit each and every planet in the galaxy to restore (check Fig.2) the life-force to the Energy-Grid, and in different ways take out the Egorgs watching over them.

Fig.2: A picture of a planet split in two. The left side represents what the planet looks like after the Egorgs have extracted most the energy from the Energy-Grid. The right side represents what it looked like prior to the attack, and how it will be once the energy is restored.

Peeziuz – the 13 planets and the 2 suns:

1-5: The System of Garanaya

The five planets called Garanaya belongs to the civilization of the Garanayans, which can be likened to indigenous people living completely in natural surroundings. They are only connected to the other civilizations of Peeziuz through the telepathic connection everyone in the galaxy developed when their consciousness opened up for the understanding of how the Energy-Grids functioned. They mostly keep to themselves and do their own natural thing in the vast jungles, woods and waters of the bushy green Garanayan planets.

6-9: The Technopolitan System

These four earth- and mars-like planets belong to the so-called Technopolitans, which is, not surprisingly, the most technologically advanced beings in Peeziuz. They fly in personal spaceships and have transformed their entire world into what most closely resembles a ginormous virtual reality game, where they are able to create anything anywhere with the use of mental thought-energy. The only requirement for this is that they stay connected to the Global Bio-Net via network chips implanted in their brains, solely fueled and energized by the Energy-Grid itself – and thereby not harming the planets’ resources at all. All their city structures and the like is merely holographic, virtual material manifested through their own mental energy. Though, as a visitor in the Technopolitan System, you would never suspect their cities to be holographic in nature.

10-13: The Deep Core System

The Deep Core System consists of four planets of varying degrees of density, positioned extremely close to each other. The beings in this part of Peeziuz is the most spiritually advanced, and thus it is the planets the Egorgs had the most difficulty taking over. These beings live only about 50% of their lives in the physical realm, and the rest of the time they spend traveling interdimensionally between parallell realities that coexist. And so, naturally, most of them simply never came back once the Egorgs entered the galaxy. Others, however, felt (and still feel) somewhat obligated to help the rest of the poor galaxy into regaining its power and equilibrium. These are the beings that sent out a sort of S.O.S. to The Source, asking for help in this difficult period, which then finally lead to the arrival of Higher.

The 2 Suns: The Double-Eye

The Double-Eye, or the two suns (one bluish, and one yellowish), giving warmth and light to every planet in Peeziuz is where the majority of Egorgs has put up camp. Of course, the suns are almost dead, and only send a very dark and diffuse light throughout the galaxy. The Egorgs does not inhabit the physical plane of the Double-Eye, but the non-physical, where the Energy-Grid itself is located (or else they would not be able to exist there because of the heat).


I now have a pretty good foundation for a game with some potential to actually work as a newly created universe able to stand alone as something complete in itself.

The next steps now will be to begin the process of more closely developing each and every planet in all of the three systems, including the two suns. Structuring of the game, and what the gameplay and specific missions will be like on each consecutive planet etc. must also be fleshed out. Designing all the significant characters, such as the Higher and the Egorgs are important. Some general representatives from the different indigenous peoples ofthe planetary systems must also be created.



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