You’ve Just Been Busted!


A twisted “love” story.



Theoretical Model of Consciousness


This Theoretical Model of Consciousness explores how Awareness and Mind are aspects of Consciousness, and further how these are related to Mental and Physical experienced reality, and all beings/things in it. The relationship between waking life, dreams and sleep are discussed. The theory then touches on how identity is formed over time based on consciousness’ identification with its experiences.



Meditation is your Fundamental Self


We often get drowned in various meditation techniques and methods to the extent that they completely overshadow the very basic fact of what meditation really is: Our Fundamental Self as it exists effortlessly in This Moment. This short eBook tries to point you to the fact that there is nothing to do, nothing to achieve, and nothing to understand in order to meditate “properly”.



Agent X13 – Death and the Devil


A dead body shows up in the underground subway tunnels. Agent X13 and his on-duty assistant, Mr. Anderson, is on the case. They discover a trail of blood leading away from the body, deeper into the tunnels, and decide to track it all the way back.



“Fresh Human”


Seth and Jill is in the middle of moving into a monstrously huge, old house when Jill discovers something in the attic, just waiting to let itself be known ..



A Report on Humanity by an Alien


A highly advanced alien being, Inxuziot, from the planet Aw01, is an explorer of the Universe. He’s been to Earth, and this is his report on Humanity and our not too bright condition as a species.



Life is Freedom – Pointers to Enlightenment


A collection of sentences and koans pointing the one seeking Truth and Enlightenment to the core of Existence.

You can get the free eBook here:


Or, if you’d rather want an actual book, you can get the hardcover or softcover version here:


life is freedom-physical version


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